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Welcome back ! We're still going, driven by our hate and prejudice, with lashings of extra moral panic.

"Western society has still failed to implode under the weight of its own depravity".

It may look like that to you, in your brownstone mansion. But on the sprawling monocultural estates of Cardiff and the Rhondda it's a different story.


Sorry to post off topic but I know you are interested in English Votes on English Matters so I thought that I would point you in the direction of this which is relevant to some of your articles on here and on the Sharpener.


Other Life Experiences? I hope you have twins.

Shouting Thomas

You know, you're right.

The spoiled brat women have been bitching for centuries. Nothing has changed.

What exactly is it about the "uppity women" that turns you on so?

We should wipe their spoiled fat asses with silk hankies?

J. Mark English

Hey this is a great website! I look forward to stopping by this blog often.
Hope all is well.

Take care,

Guy Leven-Torres

Thanks for the publicity! Sold twenty books thanks to your site!
Keep it up excellent! Its boring to just have one opinion anyway. Good to debate! Well done!

Guy Leven-Torres

I wrote A Question of Balance to get people to think! Its dangerous when debate is stifled by either left or right dogma. Common Sense is far better and the right to agree to disagree. The Daily Mail for instance only prints bad news and sometimes it can be really silly.

What is needed is balance not extremism.

Have you heard of Gramsci the Italian Post Modernist? He is loved by Bill Clinton and company.There are better exponents of Post Modernism of course but he is worth a look even if people like myself disagree with him.

We live in interesting times...The Morning Star headlines often coincide with those of the Mail...Fascinating actually

Guy Leven-Torres

Will you please not use my name as an address to your website. You are infringing copywrite! My readers have lodged a formal complaint with Google!If you persist then I will take further action!"

Guy Leven-Torres

Why oh why do you join the losing side? I am more politically correct than you fear!!!My wife is black and I hate imperialism yet you sunscribe to lies!!! For God's sake we seek the truth and fairplay!!! Grow up man!!! or the idiots and captilalists will win!!
If we want to let the PEOPLe have their say we need to be free Man!!!! Of corse the whites are racist Man!!!! But we gotta be in charge.... Don't accept appearnaces... You've got more fiends than you know mate!!! Good site don' fight me...I'm on yer side Man......Yet you pillaged me mate....... I know more than you do... we is fitin de same war an' its called fair play mitte.......Its British trad' mate!!!!
The Brits alway sstood up fe da underclass but we donna need PC!!!

Guy Leven-Torres

Still going strong then?

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