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I've no idea what the "UK theme" is, but they'd better not scrap Lilli Bolero.

The Ink Slinger

It's a pleasant enough tune but it's not a patch on Sailing By.

Couldn't Auntie and the outraged listeners come to a compromise and have the news read with a Midfield General UK Theme as a bed, to add drama and youth appeal?

Yes. I think that's the answer.

The Ink Slinger

That should read Midfield General UK Theme remix, naturally.

Fiona MacNeill

Well, I have to agree with you, I am fond of the British theme. Although if there were someway to omit the Danny boy section and pick any other Irish tune. I hate that turgid sty of a song and think that almost every Irish musician on the planet agrees with me. I vote for a compromise; let us modernise the theme........
Take the Blue Peter theme for example, that is older than the UK theme and it has changed and evolved over time, but it is still the same tune. I think that my personal favorite was the version of 'Blue Peter' played on milkbottles (I bet it's like the cadbury's flake advert; you can tell how old you are by which one you remember!). Well anyhoo, you have made my day; I'm a Brit living in Minnesota and I wanted to talk about British stuff!



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