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The Digester

Perfect response -- succinct and deflatory.


But he's got the gist right, hasn't he? The point of PC, like the point of earlier censorships, is to preclude debate rather than encourage it, and to pre-ordain the outcome of any debate that does ensue, by loading the terms in which it may be couched. Not new, of course, but evidently pernicious.

Third Avenue

No, dearieme, I think his gist is wrong. His arguments are just one straw man after another. The powerful in Britain pretty much all share his views on the US, capitalism, the superiority of the West. To say that there is an attempt to shut down debate is, it seems to me, ludicrous. The debate screams from every publication, every website, every radio programme.

Guy Leven-Torres

I have just written three booklets attacking political correctness. I am against globalism as you will see if you go to I have had my books rejected even when publishing has been agreed beacuse they 'are sympathetic to the British Empire and might upset people, namely Americans'.
It is impossible to get anything even slightly right of centre published in Britain today and I have been writing stuff for years and publishing in academic mags.
Life is shades of grey after all. I regard Blair as the fountain of PC in Britain but then this country was always a lunatic asylum wherein common sense flew out of the window until it directly threatened people, or more likely their pockets.
The British, especially in the South around London are incredibly selfish and politically apathetic.
As for the Right in general it is too self absorbed to coordinate itself into a meaningful opposition to the Left, who are by the way pretty nasty and intolerant of dissent.
The Right like to hide in little corners and build themselves little empires and while they do this, the current them and us situation in Britain can only get worse. That is why nobodies like me have to write angry anti PC books like I have above!
Interesting site... and comments


Guy Leven-Torres


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