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almost witty

Pics! We want pics of snow!


Springs and Autumns? If so, quietly correct, then delete this.

Third Avenue

dearieme - you are right. Credit where credit's due - I won't delete your comment.

Don Radlauer

New York summers are without redeeming feature? Hmph! Perhaps the city has gone downhill since I left in early 1990 (I know that nowadays New Yorkers actually say "Have a nice day!" - yuck!), but I remember loving the city on summer weekends - when enough people went out to the Hamptons that those of us left on the Upper West Side could comfortably stroll around, window-shop, and generally enjoy the place in peace. When they returned from their weekend, they'd complain endlessly about the crowding in the Hamptons, and those of us who'd been smart enough to stay put felt smug and tried not to let the Hamptons crowd figure out our little secret.

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