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Much better. He calls himself the "heir to Blair", quite forgetting that TB was only re-elected by pre-announcing his own resignation before the election. I think he may be the Tories Neil Kinnock.

Better luck next time I think.


"And David, did you really have to say that you wanted to end the 'yah-boo' of British politics? "

I know, it's a cliche - but if Cameron actually *does* what he said he'll do to demonstrate this, it would in my view be a wise move for them that would damage Labour. Imagine, for example, Blair's Thatcherite education reforms only getting through Parliament on the back of Tory votes? Cue blood on the carpet.

Third Avenue

Shuggy - hard to disagree with you. And I rather liked Cameron at PMQ today. Rather clever, and much better, wittier and skilful than at his more mealy-mouthed acceptance speech yesterday. If I were Labour (which I'm not), I'd be getting worried. Interesting times.

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