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Cameron said he wants to change the name of the Conservative Party. So I wonder what the new name will be:Liberal Party, New Liberal Party,Liberal Unionist Party, Progressive Party, National Progressive Party? Any other ideas?

Third Avenue

Personally, I rather like something along the lines of 'Liberal Party'. At least it would reclaim the 'l' word for its true British meaning, rather than the American version which the right-wing blog world in the UK has accepted wholeheartedly.

Seriously, though, I think Cameron would be unwise to change the name. Labour never went the whole hog on name change, neither should the Conservatives.


As one of the editors, I have to say that Once More isn't a Davis blog. We are a broad church, and I think majority Cameroonie even before his election (of course, we're all Cameroonie's now...). So only some of us are worried. The others are no doubt drunk.

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