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I think 2) and 4) are the most likely. Till now, at least, the UK political system has trundled on with the electorate being able to trust its elected and unelected public servants not to screw up, and the media being able to catch them out when they do. Plus, Prime Minister's Questions - there's more accountability within the Parliament itself than within an average American press conference. And it's a lot snippier than even the critiques of some American bloggers of their government.

There's doubtless still room for a 'netroots' network, but it has to begin on the basis of some very different political assumptions. By necessity, a lot of the issues addressed are smaller in scale unless there's a proven national or, as frequently, international significance (in which case it may be taken up by an American or European politiblog like Kos or A Fistful of Euros).

Just my tuppence. Glad to see there are other UK-NY expats on them thar internets.

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