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Amazing how many people in America, never mind Europe, don't get how the US constitution works. While it's overstating it somewhat, Bush effectively no longer runs the country, at least on the domestic front. This has always been the case with second term Presidents: Congressmen know Bush can't be re-elected, whereas they can be in perpetuity. This dynamic usually makes sitting Presidents dead ducks after two years into their second term. All Bush's travails mean is that this happens a bit earlier is all. I could prove this with lots of boring economic data but I sense you're glazing over already....


All I want for Fitzmas is.......


Thanks for referring to my post, even though I didn't coin the term Fitzmas myself. But it has indeed caught on very quickly. Over at the Huffington Post they've now come up with... Fitzannuka!

Cheney balls, Cheney balls, Cheney all the way...


"defending...a woman's right to have an abortion.. in a striking display of inconsistency, she seemed to call for the striking down of Roe v Wade". Perfectly logical. If I were an American, I'd want R v W struck down as an abomination, a case of a judicial putsch overriding a constitutional republic. But I am, with reluctance and many caveats and some restrictions, in favour of allowing abortion. It's just I think that the law should be introduced by legislators who answer to the electorate: State legislators in the American case. In fact, this would seem to be the first evidence I've seen that the ruddy woman might be qualified to be a Supreme Court judge. P.S. why is it always "a woman's right to have an abortion"? Who else can have an abortion?

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If you want to know the proper context to see this investigation - Fitzmas does not quiet cut it- Rather, come to my blog and read "Song of Fiztgerald," which we posted a week or so ago.
Thanks, GI

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