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Smoking in empty rooms? Sounds somehow Buddhist.


Ah, every time I go to leave a comment I find dearieme has got there first...

Well, I spent most of Sunday night in a fairly empty non-smoking area. A group who hadn't spotted the sign decided they fancied a few puffs after all, and asked the only other occupants if they "minded". Of course they meekly said OK, thus (a) defeating the purpose of the room, and (b) polluting the room with smoke, ready for the next occupants.

What's the point of a (thoroughly justifiable) ban if there isn't a bloke by the bar with a tuxedo and a baseball bat to police it?


Dearieme,Buddhist monks can smoke but aren't allowed to drink alcohol.I don't think you will see any in an empty room at an English pub though or a pub anywhere else for that matter.


Totally agree with you, 3A. I'm sick of being stuck behind smokers on the pavement, being forced to breathe in their noxious fumes whilst they think they are enjoying a "civil liberty"!

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