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Last time the Tory masses voted for anyone-but-Ken. They will again, so it all depends on who the other one is that the MPs offer the proles.


It is true that the Tories need to rediscover their appeal to the centre but I am not sure the party can win with watered down conservatism.

Strangely, although the electorate say they are ideologically closer to the left than the right, on individual issues they are more consistently right-wing. Voters say they agree with the Tories on the EU, immigration and tax. They only disagree when they hear it is the Conservative Party proposing the ideas.

So while the Tories are unlikely to win by running to the right, their main problem remains one of image. If the Tories could start talking about reforms (even reform to the right like school vouchers and replacing the NHS with EU-style social insurance)instead of constantly sounding as though they are stuck in the past then they might have a real chance of victory.


(Anthony Wells, not Andrew.)

I'm not completely convinced Clarke will get to the members' vote - his support so far in the parliamentary party has been pretty lame, and he's not had any of the new intake.

Third Avenue

Anthony, not Andrew, you're quite right. The blasted subeditor has taken a week's leave yet again. Bloody workers' rights.


Clarke is a man of the past. That was abundantly clear. As much as I hate to say it, David Davis is the only sensible choice.

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