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How civilised are you? One immediately feels like your old shoes when you try on a new pair of trousers (that's 'pants' for american readers) on reading this kind of stuff. Seen any good movies lately? ;-)

Third Avenue

Shuggy - fear not. I can spend an evening watching crap telly with a pile of beer cans at my side with the best of them (I am British, after all...). But I have an inexplicable weakness for opera, which amounts to something of an addiction (so be prepared for more gushing over the months to come).

As for last night - mine was a standing-room ticket at the back of the furthest balcony. Cost a little over a tenner. But a great spot from which to observe the Snooty van Snootensteins (as some wag on tv here described them recently) parade about in their finery.

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