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The Digester

Does living with your same sex partner count as cohabiting?

Third Avenue

Cohabiting? It counts as consorting with the devil...


Ok, I lived in North Carolina for four years, and there are a lot of dumb laws there. By the state's reckoning, I've committed a lot of felonies.

For example, in an exclusively female household, there cannot be more than four living there. Why? Well, ask yourself what a house full of women used to be...Of course, sororities are an exception, because they're special, well brought-up young ladies.

Oral sex is illegal, as is masturbation, alone or with another, as is any kind of sex other than between a man and a woman who are married in the missionary position. Plus, the official definition of an orgy is eight people in a room with their shoes off and their feet off the floor. And you better believe orgies are illegal.

But then, in York, it is perfectly legal to shoot a scotsman, as long as you use a crossbow, and don't do it on a sunday. Weird world.

There are a lot of stupid laws out there that were never repealed, but that people still use when they have a moral axe to grind, and the courts have no choice, in a precedent-based system, but to uphold them. Look at that couple that were prosecuted for being gay in Texas. Of course, there are lots of gay people in Texas, it was just that this pair had neighbors that disliked them enough to prosecute.

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