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I can't quite remember the details, but there's an extended passage in War and Peace where Pierre ponders the mystical significance of his and Napoleon's numerical name values, and he concludes that one one or other of them is the antichrist. That may well have been masonic values rather than Hebrew ones, though - and if I recall it involved numerous variant spellings...


LOL. Are the fundies still playing "whose the antichrist this week"?

I read an interesing theology of the book of Revalation. The author says there's no mystery: Revalations was written in Greek, not Hebrew, and he claimed the "code" would have been easily understandable to people living at the time. While criticism of Rome is muted in the Gospels and the Epistles, in Revalation there's no restraint and 666 (or 616, as he claimed many of the original versions had it) using the numerical value of the letters - spells "Caesar is Lord".


Ok, jerk offs, explain to me why every time we took Saddams's picture the camera assigned a file name of 666.

From One Who Knows.


Ok, so I stay mostly drunk and can't spell worth a shit. We were responsible for Saddam for a year and if anyone is the AntiChrist, he gets my vote. No remorse, not emotion, humans are fodder. Kill them, use them as your wish because you are the one! Exposed to this daily for a year and I don't think I'm sane as a result. If he isn't the Antichrist he is definately a minion. My only regret is that I didn't kill him in his cell.

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