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"Amongst my most respected interlocutors"? [Blushes, although I'm not sure how to take "someone like"...!]

Your list puts mine to shame. Must read more 'proper' literature.

Third Avenue

At the risk of this becoming a love-in - your list is hardly Ladybird book material either..

Okay, that's enough niceness, I think I hear someone gagging


Let them! I'm not ashamed..! (Ok, you're right, enough. Get away from me.)


Hey, there's nowt wrong with ladybird books! There's a very nice one about a cauldron that makes porridge endlessly...they have a lot to teach us about life.

Incidentally, oh the irony (in the non-technical, non-literary sense), I'm in Paris, all my books in the States. You're in the States, all your books in Paris.

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